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How to Change Ringtone on iPhone?

A particular feature that has a good relevance to how to change ringtone on iPhone, is that there have been over the years different versions of the iPhone. It is not always that each and every version of the phone, as well as the operating system, does tend to remain the same. But every effort… Read More »

Ringtone Designer Pro App Review for iPhone

Ringtone Designer Pro App Review for iPhone: Ringtone Designer Pro app is one of the best application, to create a huge number of ringtones in iPhones. The process of downloading this application is also easy and its worth to download and use. One of the special features of this application is it has the capability… Read More »

How to Change a Ringtone on iPhone?

How to Change a Ringtone on iPhone The ringtone is set for any mobile device to know when a call is ringing or for message tones or alarms and any alerts. Though every phone has a default ringtone, still most of them will like to set the one which they like. These days no one would… Read More »

How to Setting Different Ringtones for Contacts on iPhone?

When a phone a rings it might be quite difficult to know who is calling, if only one ringtone rings for all the calls. So, the better idea to avoid all these confusions is assigning a unique ringtone for each contact. The process of setting different ringtones for contacts on iPhone is quite simple and… Read More »

Myxer Free Ringtones for iPhone Download

Myxer Free ringtones for iPhone download: is free in the application store. Sans Myxer ringtones application for iPhone is an application that will outfit you with free ringtones. For every PDA customer, be it iOS or Android, it is a blessing to have customization on his/her phone. There is a colossal number of people who… Read More »

Top Alternatives to Myxer App for free

Top Alternatives to Myxer App for free: Myxer ringtone maker is one of the popular application, used by a huge number of people. It offers free service and can be used on iOS along with Android smartphones. Though its services are stopped officially due to bankruptcy, still, people look out for this app. Here we… Read More »