How to Change Ringtone on Your Android Phone?

By | January 30, 2022

How to Change Ringtone on Android Phone?: People that have used the typical mobile phone and it need not be the more expensive smartphones, would have often felt the convenience of being able to set the ringtone to suit the situation and application. Thus knowing how to change ringtone on Android phone would bring on a practicality of use that is simple and easy to apply as well.

When in a group of people, it would have been found to be convenient to identify the person getting a call by associating a particular ringtone with a person. Taking this argument a bit further, it would also be very convenient to identify a person calling by listening to the ringtone than having to glance at the screen to come to a conclusion.

Would it be possible to change ringtone on most Android phones?

The answer would be a resounding yes. It was possible to change the ringtone not just with the present set of advanced Android mobile phones, but with the very first models of phones that were introduced into the market some three decades ago.

Often it is a simple use of the mind to how to change ringtone on Android phone, than any complicated processes. Even the late entrant to the use of mobile phones would find the changing of ringtonesĀ Ringtone MakerĀ a rather easy affair most of the time and on most models as well.

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It must be said of the advances in phones that the ringtones have evolved to keep up with the changing technology being used in each case to present a set of flexibilities that was not quite foreseen by the very introducers of the mobile phone into the market.

What are the five steps on how to change ringtone on Android phone?

Most phones irrespective of the make and model tend to follow certain fixed steps to take to how to change ringtone on Android phone. This is so done to prevent the extra confusion that would arise otherwise and also bring in a bit of standardization to the operational aspect of the Android mobile phone.

Listed out are the typical steps that could bring about a change in the ringtone

  1. Exit the application that would in use to come to the home menu.
  2. Get to the settings menu, which would be possible from the home menus of most Android phones.
  3. There would be a device tab on most phones that might be called by some other name in some situations, but this is where the settings to the home device could be attempted from.
  4. The next step is to choose the sound settings in the device tab. This is also where any aspect regarding the sound would be handled too on the majority of the phones too. It is thus possible not just to go about how to change ringtone on Android phone, but even the volume and any other sort of customization to the sound that would be possible on the given Android phone as well.
  5. Pick out the ringtone folder and this is where the set of ringtones that is possible with the given handset is found for use.
  6. Choose the desired ringtone from the set of options that are presented here in the ringtone folder. Most phones do have the facility to listen to the particular sound before it needs to be picked out for use.
  7. Tap OK and this should complete the whole process. Now the chosen ringtone is set to play and be used.

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Most people would tend to have nightmares when thinking how to change ringtone on Android phone, little realizing that it is indeed a straightforward and simple process as can be seen from above.

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