How to Change Ringtone on iPhone?

By | February 1, 2022

A particular feature that has a good relevance to how to change ringtone on iPhone, is that there have been over the years different versions of the iPhone. It is not always that each and every version of the phone, as well as the operating system, does tend to remain the same. But every effort would have been made to make things as simple as could be done.

When a smartphone and particularly a high-end phone as the iPhone is considered the very nature of the product is meant to be user-friendly to anyone and everyone that would get around to using the phone. The very purpose of going smart would be defeated if the adaptability factor is lost in the design of the phone and for that matter any sort of gadget that is meant for use in a multicultural market.

How to Change Ringtone on iPhone

How to change ringtone on iPhone?

The early designers of the iPhone in keeping the view that this is a smartphone that is bound to have different versions as time passes have made the operations as simple as possible. Thus really nothing much changes from edition to edition even on how to change ringtone on iPhone. With the simple to follow procedures laid out below, it is possible to make changes to the ringtone of any version of the iPhone.

  1. Exit any application that might be in use and come to the home screen. This would be typically the first step in any version of the iPhone.
  2. Select the setting icon to be taken to the various options that form the usual settings menu. The offering in the settings menu can be as a list of a more expressive icon set that is usually defined by the user preference at the beginning of the use of the phone.
  3. Of the many options available in the settings, select the sound icon to get to the most basic of the sound menu. The ringtone icon is then tapped to display a range of ringtones that are available with the particular handset.
  4. It is possible to sample the ringtones before finalizing on the actual one that is to be set for use. Just a simple tap on the one ringtone that is to be set for use is the final step in how to change ringtone on iPhone.

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How to change ringtone on iPhone?

As can be seen from above set of operations, the steps are rather simple to understand and most people that get to use a smartphone would have no trouble to handle the situation. Rarely is even the first time user put to the test in changing the ringtone, even for differing models and versions of the iPhone.


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A feature that was stressed from the very beginning of the use of the iPhone was that it has to be as user-friendly as could be possible. It must be said that this focus has been kept intact right through the entire iPhone range and this could be a major factor for the huge popularity of this model of phones. The competitors have not quite been able to maintain the same level of performance and usability as the iPhone has managed to do from the very beginning.


For a product that right from the very beginning has been stressing the need to stand apart in appearance as well as performance, the ways to how to change ringtone on iPhone handset are as simple as it gets. This simplicity could well define the user experience with the iPhone models that brings out sheer functionality.

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