Best Free Places to Download Free Ringtone Websites

By | January 27, 2022

Best Free Places to Download Free Ringtone Websites. Everyone wish to change the ringtones on their smartphones regularly. Some of them get bored listening to preloaded ringtones. These people always acquire to search for new ringtones with spending money on it. There are huge numbers of sites that offer ringtones for free without charging any fee. Though there are a large number of free ringtone websites, it is not that simple to identify them.

Free Ringtone Websites

The problem faced by the users with free ringtone websites is that most of them either redirect to other pages or when downloaded strings are attached to them. So, it is essential to discover the sites which offer 100% legality. Here a list of top websites that offer free ringtones, are listed below that make the work of the user easy.

Top Free Ringtone Websites to download

Below are some of the top free ringtone websites which allow users to download for their smartphones.

  1. Melofania

Melofania is one of the best websites to download the ringtones for free without spending any amount on them. This site not only allows a user to download the ringtones but can also make own ringtones from videos or music files. This site categorizes ringtones according to the alphabetic order of the artists. It also helps to preview the ringtone before clicking on it to listen or download. see the top ringtones downloaded at Melofania.

  1. Zedge

Zedge is another best website to download free ringtones and tops on the list, with a huge number of users. It has a huge collection of best ringtones in various topics. Categories such as special sound effects, dance, comedy, and many more. It helps in downloading the ringtones without the use of the computer. This site also offers a preview facility for the ringtones before clicking on it. Download:  ZEDGE app

  1. Mobile 9

Mobile 9 is another website with huge collections of best ringtones, which can be either downloaded from the site or the application. This site offers filters to search ringtones along with new and old combinations. The best feature is that it has got a family filter, which will hide all the ringtones that are related to adults. This site offers a preview feature when scrolling through a ringtone. mobile9 also has a mobile app that iOS, Windows Phone, and you can install to listen to the ringtones.

  1. Tones 7

One of the best websites with an option to filter the ringtones according to recently added or genre or even by its popularity. A user can download the ringtones easily from this site without facing many difficulties. This site also offers a preview facility for the ringtones when scrolling. This site allows the user in creating own ringtone of 30 seconds only through music files from PC.

  1. My tiny Phone

My iPhone is yet another popular site to download free ringtones in just a few seconds with huge collections of tones. The ringtones on this site can be categorized according to sound effects such as Rock, voice, jazz, and others. This site offers wallpapers, themes games along with the ringtones for free. you can use the MyTinyPhone mobile app to download the free ringtones

Above mentioned are the top five free ringtone websites with huge collections. It is easy to download ringtones from these sites without facing problems.

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