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By | March 26, 2023

Free Ringtones for Android Download: Ringtones in your Android phone became quite boring, then don’t worry many websites help you in downloading songs as ringtones to your device. These websites are also available as Android apps, which makes creating and downloading ringtones easier. So, from now just pick your favorite song personalize and customize it as per your interest using one of the best application right on your mobile and download it. There are many such applications are available for download free ringtones for Android devices, we are here to present you with the popular and the best applications. 

Free Ringtones for Android

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1- Audiko ringtones

Audiko ringtones are one of the best Android applications that are available in both free and premium versions. This application is just not limited to ringtones, but also presents its users with notification sounds, alerts, alarm tones, and many more. It allows downloading the ringtones from various categories available, which will be quite easy to pick. This application also allows the users to create songs from the existing music files in the library.

2- MP 3 Cutter and Ringtone maker

This is yet another wonderful application, for Android devices that allow the creation of ringtones. It is quite simple, just use needs to upload a music file, then use the app cut the file into a ringtone, and then save it. This application supports various types of file formats such as MP 3, WAV, FLAC along AAC. It also allows the user to create a ringtone by recording with the help of a recorder available in the application.


3- MTP ringtones

MTP Ringtones and wallpapers are yet another wonderful application for downloading free ringtones for Android devices. The UI of this application is quite simple and clean to use. This application offers a wide range of ringtones along with popular ones. Users are offered a feature of changing ringtones, notifications, sounds, alert tones within the application.

4- Z Ringtones

Z Ringtones is a new application designed for Android and is just a replication of the Zedge application. This application is a free one with a huge number of ringtones of various genres are available. One of the best features of this app is that it allows downloading the ringtones instantly without the need of waiting. Though this is a new application it also categorizes ringtones into various categories. This application is presenting both popular songs as well as songs that do not have much craze. 

5- Mobile 9 official

Mobile 9 official is yet another fantastic application that comes on the website too for downloading free ringtones for Android devices. This app offers a huge number of ringtones with good sound quality free of cost. One of the best features that this application is offering the users is previewing a ringtone even before downloading it into the Android device. This application is designed in such a way that it allows sharing the ringtones with friends and family using social media.






The above-mentioned are the best applications for downloading free ringtones for Android.

How to Change Ringtone on iPhone

Myxer Free Ringtones App for Android Phone

We are providing how you can download free ringtones for Android Phones?

* Myxer ringtones app is not available on the google play store then you can download the Myxer app from any other site. you can download the Myxer apk and install this app.

* Before installing the Myxer app you need to changes the settings of your Phone. You know the Myxer app is not available in the play store, Now it becomes a third-party app.

* First of all, you will go to the settings on your android device. Then, you can see an option called ‘Security’ so click on it. There, you can find an option called ‘ device administration’. Turn on the unknown sources option Then now you can download everything on your device.

* Now install Myxer apk on your mobile device and enjoy free ringtones.

Free music ringtones download for android

Every mobile device user wants to set a unique and catchy ringtone to be notified when their phone rings or when they receive a notification. Most of us are bored because we usually use standard ringtones that already exist on our devices. So I started looking for alternatives such as downloading my favorite songs or creating ringtones from ringtone makers. Many apps and websites can help you download free ringtones, so you should be grateful. To simplify this task, here are some of the best resources to help you download free Android ringtones.


Cellbeat is one of the great resources to help you bulk download free ringtones for your Android device. Ringtones are classified into different categories, so you can easily choose a free ringtone. These categories include Disco, Blues, Country, House, Alternative, Pop, Rap, Sexy, Lounge, Latin, and more. Cellbeat is one of the free ringtone assets which helps you to bulk download free ringtones for Android gadgets. Free music ringtones downloads are grouped into different categories and choosing a free ringtone is very easy. Some categories include Disco, Blues, Ethnic, House, Elective, Pop, Rap, Hit, Parlor, Latin, etc.


Itunemachine is one of the best apps, and even Android users who are not iTunes-specific services can use this app. This application is designed to be very easy to use without downloading songs. The different types of songs downloaded include Instrumental, Music, WWE, NLF, Sound Effects, Sports, Comedy, Video Games, Alarm & Message Ringtones, etc. You can view song details without downloading them. is another great place to Free music ringtones download for android for your Android device. This site is the source of many songs in MP3 format. The file-sharing option it offers makes it very easy to download them and set them as ringtones or notifications or alerts. The most popular genres in this app are Holidays, Movies, Kids, Christianity, Sayings, Pets & Animals, Jazz, Message Tones, Ballads. is one of the great sites to download great songs to your Android device for free. This site also allows users of iOS devices to download songs. It has a large collection of songs with subtle variations, and there are also several parts of the song which are not available on other competing sites. It is one of the best sites to download cool melodies to your Android gadget for free. This webpage also allows iOS device customers to download additional music. There are also many songs with subtle variations. Unique melodies are inaccessible in other competing destinations.

If you have been looking for the perfect ringtone app for a long time, this is the best you will get. If you have tried many ringtone apps, Myxer will impress you more than them. You can download the free ringtones app for android. Myxer MP3 Downloader automatically updates your media player without hassle. You can update your media player first and then create the desired ringtones from your existing music library. This is a free online ringtone maker for Android. Complete free ringtones app for android and you are ready to show your status wherever you are.

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    Myxer Free Ringtones App for Android Phone:  Myxer application is an app that allows its users to create their own ringtones. Customize your own ring tones, turn your favorite songs into ringtones completely for free, they can be as long as 30 seconds!! Myxer app is a great application that is growing more and more popular as each day passes thanks to its good features and its user friendliness. The app is very easy to understand and using it takes no effort. It can be used not only on iPhones and android devices but you can also use it for windows.


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