How to Change a Ringtone on iPhone?

By | January 27, 2022

How to Change a Ringtone on iPhone The ringtone is set for any mobile device to know when a call is ringing or for message tones or alarms and any alerts. Though every phone has a default ringtone, still most of them will like to set the one which they like. These days no one would like to put the default ringtone. Hence, people wish for How to change a ringtone on iPhone or Android or Windows.

Ringtones can be changed easily and do not consume much time. So most of the people wish to change the ringtones very frequently. Ringtones can be selected from the one which is present in the device or can be purchased or songs can be downloaded. So, as per the wish of the user, a ringtone can be changed.

How to Change a Ringtone on iPhone?

Changing of ringtones on iPhone is an easier process that is accomplished in few steps. Just a few taps and you will be able to hear your favorite ringtone, once the phone rings. In the same way, alert or message tone can also be set. So follow below-mentioned steps to change a ringtone on iPhone.

1. First, take the iPhone and go to the settings option.
2. Now you need to select the option named as Sounds or Sounds & Haptics.
3. Now just tap on the ringtone option and you will be able to see the list of ringtones.
4. So in order to listen to the ringtone just tap on it and it will be played.
5. If you like any ringtone, just check the box which is beside the name of the ringtone.
6. Then leave the page by pressing the back button or go to the homepage.
7. New ringtone will be saved automatically and can hear it whenever you get a call to your mobile phone.

How to assign the ringtone to each and every contact?

Assigning the same Myxer ringtones for all the contacts makes it difficult to identify who is calling unless and until if you look at the device. So, it will be better to assign a different ringtone for each and every contact. iPhone makes it easier to assign different ringtones for the contacts in address book. Below mentioned is the process to assign ringtones for each contact.

How to Change a Ringtone on iPhone
1. First, take the iPhone and go to the contacts option.
2. Now, from the list of contacts select the contact for which you wish to assign the ringtone.
3. After selecting the contact, click on the ‘edit’ option that is present in the top right corner.
4. Now just select the option of ‘ringtone’ from the list of options.
5. Then all the ringtones present your iPhone are displayed which includes songs created also.
6. After that select the song and tap on the ‘done’ option, which is present on the right side of the top corner.
7. Now, the ringtone is assigned to the contact selected.
In the above step- by- step process, ringtones are to be assigned to the contacts you wish. In the same way as How to Change a Ringtone on iPhone? is done, even pattern of vibration can be assigned on iPhone. So, that it makes easier to recognize when a call is received through the phone is in silent mode. Apart from the ringtones present in the iPhone, even songs can be created using applications available on iTunes.

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