How to Setting Different Ringtones for Contacts on iPhone?

By | July 16, 2021

When a phone a rings it might be quite difficult to know who is calling, if only one ringtone rings for all the calls. So, the better idea to avoid all these confusions is assigning a unique ringtone for each contact. The process of setting different ringtones for contacts on iPhone is quite simple and easy which yields just few minutes of time. In this way a iPhone user can also avoid unnecessary calls, without the need to attend them always. 

Setting Different Ringtones for Contacts

Process of setting different ringtones for contacts on iPhone

iPhone users can assign the preloaded ringtones for contacts or else even by downloading the ringtones into the device. Here is the process for setting different ringtones for contacts.

  • Hold the iPhone in the hand and unlock it to set the ringtones for contacts.
  • Then just simply tap on it to launch it with just a single tap.
  • Now, just tap on the ‘contacts’ icon which is present at the bottom of the iPhone.
  • Then upon searching all the contacts, select the one for whom a ringtone need to be assigned.
  • Once the contact is selected, now just right tap on the contact and choose the ‘edit’ option present there.
  • Then it is now available to edit any information related to the persons contact. 
  • Now find the ‘Ringtone’ option in it, and just give a single tap on it so as to assign the ringtone to the contact.
  • Then a list of ringtones is displayed on the screen, which includes ringtones present in the device, the one which are downloaded and any others.
  • Users are provided with the option of listening to song before assigning it to the contact.
  • Once interested to assign that ringtone only then just tap on the option ‘Done’, so that it will get assigned.
  • Whenever the person calls user will able to hear only that ringtone from now onwards.

Setting Different Ringtones for Contacts

How to download new ringtones into the iPhone

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iPhone devices are already bundled up with huge number of ringtones, but still in case if the user want to download new ringtones to their mobile. Then it is available in two possible ways as below.

  • Purchase ringtones in iTunes

One of the best and easy processes is to purchase the ringtones that are available in the iTunes store. The easiest process of purchasing the ringtones in iTunes store is by tapping on the ‘more’ option present there. Then just tap on the ‘tones’, from where ringtones can be purchased.

  • Own ringtones

Ringtones can be made by own and use them. This is possible through ringtone applications available in the online. So, just need to download one application and start making the favourite song as a ringtone through this application.

In the above mentioned process, it is quite easy for setting different ringtones for contacts. So, this helps the users to identify the calls easily when they are bundled with lots of work.

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